Would you be excited by an opportunity to work with children and families in the heart of the Lower East Side of Manhattan? Our neighborhood is an eclectic mix of Chinese immigrants (speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and Fujianese), Spanish-speaking immigrants and diverse Gen-Z-ers and Millennials. Our church, the New York Chinese Alliance Church (“NYCAC”), was established 50 years ago and has developed into a multi-generational church with local and commuter communities with an English-speaking congregation, a Cantonese-speaking congregation and a Mandarin-speaking congregation. Families have been and will continue to be the foundation of our congregations. NYCAC’s Children’s and Family Ministry is one of its key ministries, seeking to reach out to and serve the children of our local and commuter communities and their families and provide them all with a true and hospitable church home that is centered on the Word of God as its only source of truth.


  • 配合教會整體的異象,尋求和訂立兒童和家庭事工的屬靈異象、目標和方向;
  • 發展兒童和家庭事工和有關的外展事工,包括講道和教導,服事的對象是本區和跨區有初生嬰孩、幼兒,和小學階段兒女的家庭;帶領和訓練有關的外展事工隊成員;在關懷和愛顧兒童和家庭上立下美好榜樣。
  • 帶領、督導和牧養家庭:訓練父母/照顧家庭成員者在家庭中開展家庭事工,帶領父母從聖經的角度認識丈夫與妻子在家庭中的角色,並重點的以父母的角色在家庭中開展家庭事工。
  • 帶領、督導和牧養幼兒及兒童事工的事奉人員,包括幼兒崇拜、兒童崇拜、兒童主日學的事奉人員隊伍。
  • 對事工的需要作出評估,並從而開展不同的活動以配合不同境況的需要(例如:復活節、聖誕節和其他節日的外展事工、暑期聖經班、課後補習活動,以及其他的外展活動。
  • 為兒童和家庭建立安全的場景和能提供支援的氛圍,以培育他們屬靈生命的成長。
  • 參與教牧關顧,為兒童和家庭提供輔導和家訪。
  • 聯絡和跟進初到教會的新家庭,歡迎他們並幫助他們進入教會的團契生活。
  • Develop spiritual vision, goals, and objectives for children’s and family ministries in line with the overall vision of the church;
  • Develop ministry and outreach, including preaching and teaching, to families with newborns, toddlers, and elementary school-aged children of NYCAC’s local and commuter communities; lead and disciple outreach teams; model hospitality and caring to families and children;
  • Lead, mentor and shepherd the families by discipling parents/primary caregivers and encouraging Biblically complementary roles for husbands and wives, with an emphasis on developing the parents’ ministry within the home;
  • Lead and shepherd the Children’s and Toddlers’ Worship and Children’s Sunday School by guiding, mentoring and discipling the members of the relevant ministry teams;
  • Assess ministry needs and developing programs and activities to meet those needs (e.g., Easter, Christmas and other holiday outreaches, Vacation Bible School, tutoring programs and other outreach events);
  • Develop a climate for children and families that is safe, supportive, and cultivates their spiritual growth;
  • Participate in pastoral care, counseling, and home visitation to children and families; and
  • Connect with and follow up on newcomer families and welcome them to church fellowship.


  • 在基督的信仰、教會的身體,以及神在普世中的工作上均持續有進深的委身。
  • 認同美國宣道會(C&MA)的信仰立場,包括聖經無謬論。
  • 從認可的神學院已取得或正取得道學碩士(或聖經學院等同的學位)。
  • 能有效的參與兒童和家庭事工,具創意,能明白和忍耐,對文化有敏銳的觸角,對不同處境能具靈活性。
  • 能用國語/廣東話及英語表達神學及事工上的概念,能以西班牙語作出上述的會更好。
  • 全時間的職位,親身在教會及社區中。
  • Growing commitment to the Christian faith, the body of Christ, and God’s work in the world.
  • Assent to the Christian & Missionary Alliance Statement of Faith, including Biblical inerrancy.
  • Have or pursuing MDiv from an accredited seminary (or equivalent bible college degree)
  • Ability to work effectively with children and families, exhibiting creativity, understanding, patience and cultural awareness and flexibility.
  • Ability to use Mandarin/Cantonese and English to communicate theological and ministry concepts. Ability to do so in Spanish will also be helpful.
  • Full-time position, physical presence at church and in the community.


請將以下文件傳送至 FMHR@nycac.org

  • 應徵信及個人履歷表
  • 被召作事奉的見証

Please send the following to FMHR@nycac.org

  • Cover Letter and Resume
  • Testimony and Call to Ministry